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There are many vegans for many reasons (e.g. dietary, ethical, environmental, allergy, natural), so stay calm & have an open mind.

However, veganism is not an animal rights movement, veganism is closest to a diet, with many reasons not necessarily ethical. In sum:

  1. Vegetarianism is a term used to label consumption-specific behaviour of Hinduism (mainly by not taking / preventing life). Veganism is simply vegetarianism + abstaining from dairy. As for fashion & cosmetics: Hindus now can also enjoy synthetic.
  2. Since the term vegan was coined in the 1940s, there was no such mass / known exploitation of animals, so ethics cannot be the main reason. In fact, the term was coined in 1944 by Donald Watson when he co-founded the Vegan Society, at first to mean “non-dairy vegetarian”.
  3. There are ethical (a relative & subjective term) ways to consume animals / dairy from shelter to slaughter. Saying veganism is about ethics is not only saying other ways are not ethical, but is also offensive & self-righteous (closed minded). A true vegan is vegan regardless of ethics.

Besides, check Dictionary.com & Wikipedia.com: you will find that it is primarily a diet. The problem nowadays is not so much meat consumption, it is having / wanting
too much. The problem is the lack of values leading to treatment of beings (including plants) like they don’t have needs / feelings. It is being unnatural.

;] Be natural; protect yourself & our beautiful planeT [;

>–333> Leave the boat after using it <333–<

More @ https://www.facebook.com/foodfightforum/posts/972085296160545




Minimize oils (including olive & coconut) as they are generally full of saturated fat leading to high cholesterol, especially palm oil as it is also harmful to the environment since it mainly targets the amazon and its orangutan (endangered) habitat. If you must have oil, go for sustainable or no palm oil foods.


Minimize sugar as it is usually highly processed therefore has a high glycemic index. Sugar generally should not be consumed as an isolate regardless of whether it is organic. It should be naturally consumed as a part of fruit & vegetables to avoid insulin overload & overly quick absorption.


Minimize salt as it leads to dehydration as well as high blood pressure.


Minimize alcohol as it leads to dehydration, can cause liver failure, and can make you fat due to excess calories and a high glycemic index (as is the case with any juice esp. not cold pressed or blended), as well as its negative effect on digestion. Alcohol leads to triglycerides (fat stored in fat cells) leading to diabetes & heart disease.


Though dogs are said to be omnivores, cats are said to be carnivores (like tigers, but there are people who find a way around by supplying a substance found in meat e,g, tourine) so please research & note sources โ†’ make suggestions via Suggesting mode (eye on list icon)


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