Meet great peeps, explore breath taking nature, see the largest man made life sustaining tree, learn about plants & animals, and enjoy artisan vegan cheese brie. There will be organic cold pressed juice AND traditional hand made & traditional / artisan vegan cheese brie from Pure Vegan Love. It is made from the […]

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Meet new people, have fun playing team games, and experience the traditional food of the Buddhist monks of the Himalayas at this vegan owned Nepalese Himalayan Restaurant! There will be a variety of 100% vegan wholegrain momos such as Steam Vegg, Veg C, Kothey Veg, and Fried Veg, and it […]

meetup: unlimited wholegrain vegan monk momos

Meet new people and experience vegan, healthy, ethical, exotic, fresh, home made yet delicious shawarma, while walking at the marina walk, and enjoying its exhilarating & hilarious last day of the Dubai Marina Street Festival! Vegan shawarma: 100% vegan, 100% whole grain bread, dry soy protein, ginger, vinegar, garlic, spices. Vegan mayonnaise: starch, […]

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Come and celebrate Dubai Vegan’s 5 year anniversary & new website The Dubai Vegan Guide ( (& logo) by enjoying some veganized Iraqi food such as kabab & kobba, the famous Iraqi dolma, and even some delicious but healthy vegan cake from Regiment Lifestyle! Regiment Lifestyle is a vegan friendly […]

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